Row of newly built homes on a housing development.

Construction & new homes

I specialise in capturing stunning images that showcase the beauty and quality of newly constructed homes.

Whether you are a developer looking to promote your latest development, a house builder wishing to market a newly completed showhome or a contractor documenting your work for portfolio purposes, I can help you capture the shots that highlight your hard work, creativity and expertise. My photography services include both exterior and interior shots, and I use a combination of natural and artificial lighting techniques to bring out the best in each space. I work closely with my clients to understand their specific needs and goals, and I am committed to delivering exceptional photography services that meet and exceed their expectations.

Due to the nature of this type of assignment I am often required to shoot buildings in less than ideal circumstances (for example I frequently shoot buildings set within a partially complete development). In these circumstances I always shoot with retouching in mind and where neccessary will catpture additional material that I am able to blend seamlessly back into the original image. Say, for example the road surface has not been laid in the image I am working on - then in order to remedy this I'll go and shoot an appropriate surface elsewhere in the develpment and then use that to fix the unfinished one in our final image. The same applies for lawns and even brickwork. If the required replacement material (road surface or new lawn) is not available then I can lean on the personal library of images I've accumilated over the years. It can be a time-consuming process, however these images will represent the clients hard work (often for extended periods) and so it's essential that they look perfect as well as natural.

Pricing structure for new builds & construction photography

A typical set of images will take a full day to capture plus a further day to enhance and retouch before delivery to the client.

My fee for this type of photography assignment can be broken down into two parts. Firstly I charge a set fee for my time on site (the duration of the shoot). Secondly I charge a fee for each photograph the client wishes for me to work up to a finished article.

Contact me today to learn more about my services and how I can help you showcase your project in it's best possible light.

Row of newly built homes on a housing development.
Interior shot of a lounge in a new home on development in Devon.
Portrait view of a kitchen in new home in Exeter, Devon.
Wide shot of a bedroom in home on new housing development in Cornwall.
Detail view of newly built home in Exeter, Devon.
Open plan kitchen dining room in showhome of new housing development.
Stairway and door installation in private home in Cornwall.
Exterior view of newly built homes on a housing development.
Front elevation of new homes at housing development in Devon.
Lounge of showhome photographed for housebuilder.