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Parliament House - the Devon home with Royal connections

I get to photograph some facinating buildings all over Devon & the Southwest. I thought this property had to be worth a journal entry due to it's facinating background and royal connections...

Along a sleepy Devon lane near Aish lies the location of the first parliament on English soil. It was in this modest, but charming thatched cottage that William Prince of Orange, Sir Edward Seymour and several other unnamed gentlemen met to plan the downfall of King James II of England.

A stone in the garden of the cottages reveals the origin of the name of the cottages. The inscription is not easy to read, but says:

William Prince of Orange is said to have held his first Parliament here in November 1688

Following the birth of James II's son (and potential next Roman Catholic King of England), parliament encouraged the protestant King William of Orange to invade and put a stop to what was in their view an unacceptable the succession.

So it is these events led to the cottage becoming known as Parliament Cottage. There's a post written here that goes into more detail on the history if your curious to find out more.

I shot a set of photographs of the house for the current owner - here's a few of my favourites.

This journal entry was published in April 2016.

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